Arabidopsis thaliana dataset


Arabidopsis thaliana which has a genome size of approximately 135 Mb.

Here is a link to the article written about these data and experiment: Chromosome-level assembly of Arabidopsis thaliana Ler reveals the extent of translocation and inversion polymorphisms. PacBio reads were taken from Pacific Biosciences Model Organism Genome Sequencing-Arabidopsis thaliana P4C2.


Run Instrument Layout Insert (bp) ReadLength TotalReads Bases (Mbp)
SRR3157034 HiSeq 2000 paired-end 0 100x2 93,446,768 17,823
SRR3166543 HiSeq 2000 paired-end 0 100x2 162,362,560 30,968
SRR3156163 HiSeq 2000 mate-pair 8,000 100x2 51,332,776 9,790
SRR3156596 HiSeq 2000 mate-pair 20,000 100x2 61,030,552 11,640
SRR1284771 PacBio RSII Single NA unknown 163,482 2,3

How to download the data from SRA

Downloading from SRA will be performed using the sra-toolkit.

  • create a file with the SRA ids and name it srr.ids

  • Assuming the sra-toolkit is installed then load the module and run the following bash script on the command line.

    module load sra-toolkit
    while read line; do
      fastq-dump --split-files --origfmt ${line};
  • The pacbio data has to be downloaded separately

    fastq-dump --table SEQUENCE --origfmt SRR3156160

    Note: sra-toolkit will create a folder named ncbi in your home directory /home/userid/ncbi If you have a disk storage limit on your home directory (most supercomputers do), you will want to move that folder to a different location and then create a softlink in your home folder.

    Error example: 2019-04-16T19:43:49 fastq-dump.2.8.1 err: unknown while writing file within file system module - unknown system error errno=Disk quota exceeded(122)

Assembly statistics for Arabidopsis

Statistics value
Total sequence length 118,890,721
Total ungapped length 117,113,196
Gaps between scaffolds 0
Number of scaffolds 30
Scaffold N50 22,588,203
Scaffold L50 3
Number of contigs 525
Contig N50 1,193,183
Contig L50 27
Total number of chromosomes and plasmids 7
Number of component sequences (WGS or clone) 30

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